The Re-referenced Protein Chemical shift Database (RefDB) is a database of carefully corrected or re-referenced chemical shifts, derived from the BioMagRes Bank. The process involves predicting protein 1H, 13C and 15N chemical shifts using X-ray or NMR coordinate data via SHIFTX and then comparing those predictions to the observed shifts reported in the BMRB (via SHIFTCOR). RefDB provides a standard chemical shift resource for NMR spectroscopists, wishing to derive or compute chemical shift trends in peptides and proteins.

Please cite the following: Haiyan Zhang, Stephen Neal and David Wishart (2003) "RefDB: A database of uniformly referenced protein chemical shifts" Journal of Biomolecular NMR, 25: 173-195

- RefDB currently has 2162 re-referenced protein chemical shift files.

- To download the complete RefDB as a .tar.gz file, click here.

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- To download the RefDB in SHIFTY format with the secondary structure information for each protein sequence, click the following links. RefDB-C.db RefDB-H.db RefDB-N.db

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